Monday, May 10, 2010

Jaimie My Boy

James turned 15 in March. I've not had the time to blog, but decided to MAKE time tonight, or it'll never get done. In the picture above, I had a horrendous headache. It's funny the memories I'm having. I wasn't going to post, but I'm gonna! I know that one day we are gonna look back at all of these "funnies" and marvel at the miracle of James! :) He was delivered by c-section, and the shot in my back ended up giving me a BAD spinal headache. I can say that TRULY, he was a pain from the VERY beginning!

Wasn't he sooo cute?!? (Oh how I miss my baby days!) Right from the get go, James was "all boy"! Someone once told me, "Well, if you're gonna have one (a boy), then that's the kind you wanna have!" (ha ha) He loved his momma (still does!...has a special name for me: Marmie!) Can you believe that this cute lil' guy is the ONLY baby I've ever "lost it" with? Really! One night he was crying and crying and crying. I was sooooo soooo tired, got up, walked to that crib and "yanked" that baby out of the crib to nurse him...He was startled into silence (that ONLY lasted a fraction of a second), then REALLLY let it out. I started bawlin' right with him because I felt so bad for "losin' it". Poor guy. Little did I know he'd be the biggest lil' stinker throughout all his growin' days...(hind sight is 20/20!)

I see each picture and think, "Now, isn't that just CUTE?!?!?" (I may be a bit biased, but I don't think so!) How could one little buster be so cute and loving one minute, then turn around and be a GREAT BIG STINKER!

O.K.'s an example. The guy is playing with his pocket knife, and stabs himself! I tried so badly not to show my "momma panick" (I think I did a GREAT job!) That knife went smack through his thumb...IN the top, OUT the bottom! BTW, we didn't have insurance (I was praying that he'd not get tetanus!) My mom and dad flipped (it WOULD have to happen at their house!). These are the kinds of things the boy puts me through! Bike ramping OVER my head! Flipping into the swimming pool and off the trampoline...climbing to the tip-top of the tree...bringing in the snakes and collecting the tadpoles. (He once had a "tad-pole farm" of over 500! Nana was priviledged to host them on her front porch, ya know! Boy, what a sight when they all started turning to frogs!) Oh, how I'm going to miss all of this one of these days!

What boy doesn't like to hunt and fish? I told my boys from the get go that they'd not shoot anything that they'll not eat. I don't know WHAT KIND of bird it was that was cooked in the oven and came out smaller than a pecan! (ha ha!) Yup! I made him bite off the meat and chew away!...YES he swallowed it! I put a fear of guns into them, too. Darren and I pulled up pictures of gun-shot wounds off of the internet and made them look at them before they could carry even a BB gun! He's been outside traipsin' the woods ever since! He did have his gun taken from him for a good while once....he threatened to shoot Timothy's toes off!

I remember once when he came up to me to give me a hug I had to tell him, "Not so tight!" He said, "Ok, Marmie! bear hug this time." Then he put his arms around me and said, "Cub Hug!" (Melts my heart just thinkin' of it!...truly! :) He's a lot of tender and a bit o' tuff! And I've been blessed to receive so much tender care from him! My Jamie! :)

What a worker this kid is! Weeeeeellll....He's not too good in the kitchen...more specifically, with the dishes. He HATES to be inside. He would live out doors if we'd let him. He loves yard work, keeping the vehicles clean, working on his pens - keeping the fences secure,...WHATEVER he can find to do outside that's productive, THAT's what he likes. How very pleased I am with his work ethics!

The boy can also have us rolling around in stitches! He can be soooo funny!

I know that one day, we'll look back on James's childhood days with laughter. So mischievous, the boy was. He's growing out of it now (THANK GOD!...those seemingly "useless" spankins' are payin' off!) We'll wonder, "How in the world did such a ornery boy turn out to be such a fine fella?!?"
I love you, Jamie my boy! You are a great source of joy to your momma! Keep lovin' and servin' Jesus...keep "weddin in yuda wan!" (That's the way he used to sing "Dwelling in Beulah Land" a deep little husky voice...sooo cute!)
Thank you, God, for my Jamie! Give us wisdom with the few years left that we'll have him in our home.