Saturday, July 18, 2009

This season...

No doubt you are familiar with the term "seasons in life"? Well...It's taking me a bit to get used to this new season in my life. What season? I don't know what you'd call it....maybe someone could suggest a name for it. I'll attempt to describe it...

Let me prelude with this: I LOVE being around my family (hello?...and what momma doesn't?...a crazy one!). And I LOVE homeschooling my kiddos! They're awsome! We have so much fun. I've been homeschooling now for near fourteen years. And most of our mornings were spent centered around God's know,...Bible story, character lesson, scripture memorization, get the picture, eh?

Ahhhhh, I have fond memories around that time..for instance, it was during one of these hours that Timothy (my now 9 year old) let out his first belly laugh. We all caught it, he kept on belting it out, we were laughing, watching him, revelling in him, was grand...we carried on in singing, him laughing, us following, making crazy gutteral sounds, acting like a bunch of intoxicated fools! And all this over a fat little bald headed feller who decided he wanted to interrupt our Bible time with his first laughs! :)...sure wish I could see that from the outside! What a joy that was. And I could bore you with many other times such as that...probably you have your own googly baby story that's come to mind, and you know exactly what kind of moment I'm talking about?

So...ANYWAYS...(I'm smiling)...these times are precious! You mommas know what I'm talking about, eh? And now......MY KIDS ARE GROWING UP!!! and I don't like it!

Ok, ok...I can just hear some of you "righteous" ladies right now..., "WELL, if SHE had the right kind of relationship with her HUSBAND... then she wouldn't be carryin' on so about her children growing UP!" Oh, phooey!

Darren and I...well, we're now on our second honeymoon! And let me tell you, it's BETTER than the first! (that's for a later post) so, I'll just continue on about my kiddos!...

What I'm trying to say is that...?...I'm just flat out not liking this season. I want things to stay the same...and they're not! I love the dirty, snotty little faces,...the wild child hair-doo,...the silly tickling, wrestling romps,...the nursing---oh, I miss the nursing!,...the laughs,...the late night talks with the older guys,...the goofy boy and silly, giggly girl time...I LOVE IT! and dread the time when it's all gone, and only a memory. (you'd think I'm an old granny right now by the way I'm writing...but it's coming soon!...truly cherish the moments!) I know that one day, we'll all gather around the holiday table and laugh and carry on as we reminisce, that'll be fun, too...Darren and I fatter (ugh) and grayer...grandkids all around....Aren't God's gifts the best????

What season? The name I don't know...but it's the season when the older kiddos are beginning to grow up, get jobs...when it's a bit more challenging to get the whole family at the dinner table at the same time (btw, it may be a challenge, but we still make it a priority to eat together at the table once a may be breakfast or lunch instead of supper, but we still do it..yay!)
But, I can't do anything about the inevitable change, so hopefully this will be one of the few posts where I complain...

Pray for me...

Tina's done :)..'bout time, eh? :)


  1. Oh, Tina! I can SO relate!! You spoke most of my heart there--thank you, kindred spirit. ;D Love to you and your family...need to get out there soon and visit. (Before our kiddos are ALL grown up and leave!!) ha ha

  2. Hi Tina, you had me crying because most people do not Cherish their Moments in their children. I also TRULY LOVE my children they are awesome. Thank you so much for this so blessed post.
    I love you all and miss you dearly!!
    Please tell the "kiddos" hello.