Tuesday, July 28, 2009

God is Good!

Cold is the absence of heat. Darkness is the absence of light. And evil is the absence of God.

I read this somewhere on line. It is such awesome logic...I love it!

We recently learned a new song and have been singing it every opportunity we have had. It is entitled "I Have Been Blessed". We first heard it from the Raub family...it brought tears to my eyes. Then the following week, my sister told me she had a song she wanted me to hear...wanna take a guess what it was? :) I was sooo happy, because now we had the words and could sing it as a family. It has been such a blessing to the Saints, and we are wearing it out! :)

But it got me to thinking along a path of thoughts that has often occupied my mind now for several years. Let's see if I can get you to follow:

About 8 years ago, my son, Timothy started having seizures. That has been the most horrible time of my life so far. He would have them when his brain went to sleep (nap or evening). We started saying, when he would wake up from NO seizures, "There's my little man! No seizures this time! God is soo good!"

Then one day, after we started saying that, he HAD a seizure. And God confronted me with a question, "Am I still good?" This thought about floored me. You've got to imagine with me...my little two year old baby laying limp in my arms, on the way to the ER...not breathing and turning colors... and God asks me THIS question.

How many Christian Mommies and Daddies have been through this very thing?...only they've held the lifeless form of their dearest ones...no more breaths for the beautiful, precious bodies...no more hugs, and no more kisses, no more boo boos to kiss away...And those around them have heard them say, "Yes, God!...You are SOOO good!...You alone know ALL things and I will trust in you and proclaim your goodness no matter what!"

So, when I'm singing the song, "God Has Been Good", in my heart, I'm saying, "God, you are good if I become paralyzed and never can feel my loved ones touch again...God, you are good if, like Job, I lose ALL my beautiful children...God, you are good EVEN if I get cast into prison for being a Christian and get tortured for the rest of my life...YOU ARE GOOD!"

Come what may...GOD IS GOOD....All the time!


  1. Yes, that song has been such a blessing to so many people! The Jubilee we're at right now has that as their theme song. It's very, very good!
    I agree...God is SO good to us! We are SO blessed!

  2. hey Mrs Martin! i LOVE your blog! its great! i love your post here. God is Definitely SOOO good! praise Him! :)

  3. Mrs. Martin,
    Hey, this is Brooke Hamelund...you found my parents on Facebook, and I'm also a friend with Koda. I'm glad you have a blog, you can check out mine if you click on my name, and if not go to http://brooketexasgirl.blogspot.com Have a great day!

  4. Hey Mrs. Martin,
    Do you think you could post some pictures of your family and stuff? And church? That would be so cool for me to see! I miss ya'll!

  5. Mrs. Martin,
    Yes, I completely understand how busy things get when school starts! Whenever you get a chance to post again, that's fine. Please don't feel rushed on my account! :)
    Yes, I'm already asking my dad if we can go to y'all's place next year! I miss the great times we had there! We won't pass close without stopping if I can help it! :)
    Say hi to the family for me, please! Have a great day!