Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Where I Stand

What a GREAT week! :) God is good and His promises are SURE! How firm a foundation! :)
I am so blessed! On the homefront things are sweet. I'm so glad that Bro. Mart and I stuck things out when things were rough.

As I read back through my posts, I realize how "ideal" my life seems. (And it IS so good! :) But, speaking for the naive readers, we do have our "issues", as every family does. I just haven't felt "ok" posting any of them. I often think of what a blessing it would have been to me to learn of how other ladies overcame the way God has taught me. And yet again, don't get me wrong. Sometimes I have to pray, "Dear Lord, PLEASE help me to never get stupid and just walk away from all I know is right." does that shock you? When I feel that way, immediately the question enters my mind, "WHERE is there TO go? I mean, there's NO other place that's as good as where I am." :) (Satan's a jerk!...tempting women to leave the sanctity of our homes!) I don't have the wisdom to communicate the "problems" in an appropriate way...make sense? Also, I don't mind telling MY faults, I'm just not sure how Darren and the kiddos would feel with my "sharing" their

I should be journaling instead of blogging, eh? That-a-way I'd be able to go back and "share" later on...? Gotta go journal :)...

John 6:68

Thanks for your prayers! God is so faithful....LOVE it! :)

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