Saturday, August 7, 2010

Patience is a virtue...

...and I'm striving to be a virtuous woman, but I must confess, I'm totally lacking in this area of patience.

When the Preacher surrendered to the ministry, I wanted to know WHAT ministry, WHERE were we going to live, WHEN we were going to be sent out, and HOW it was going to all come about.

When he knew that he would be a church planting missionary, I wanted to know WHERE! As we traveled around to other churches in the mid-west (at least we had that pin-pointed...?) I was ready to settle in every town that needed a church. Every church, it seemed, that we visited, wanted us to go the "So-and-so" town (the need is great) and I earnestly prayed for that town. "YES!" I was thinking..."Let's go there." Next church: "YUP! That's the place."

HOW in the world was God going to let us know where we were going to minister??? Good, solid, Bible believing churches were needed all over the USA. Was the sun going to burst through the clouds in the distance, and a bright beam point the way (while the symphony music played in the


Have you ever just had a feeling that something (or someone) was right, and it JUST WASN'T HAPPENING??? O KAAAAAAY already! WHEN is it going to happen?!?!????


Oh, how VERY thankful I am for God's Word!!! (And for my awesome, STEADY, patient man...oh how I love that man!)

Ecclesiastes 3:11 He hath made everything beautiful IN HIS TIME...


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  1. Oh my...guess who else needs to learn patience? :) Thank-you for the wonderful post!